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VascVersa's  ANGICYTE™ Technology provides a revolutionary Cell Therapy for blood vessel regeneration. It stimulates new blood vessel formation leading to improved blood supply & long term healing. This pipeline technology has the potential to be used for a number of ischaemic diseases. Our first product will provide a new therapeutic solution for the active wound care market.


VascVersa completes second investment round

VascVersa completes second investment round to accelerate development of ground-breaking cell therapies.

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MARCH 2022

VascVersa proudly working with Anthony Nolan charity

VascVersa will work with Anthony Nolan Cell & Gene Therapy Services who will support the company by supplying high-quality cord material for VascVersa to facilitate their development of ANGICYTE™ technology.

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MARCH 2022

VascVersa Pitched at HBAN Ulster Investor Meeting

This face to face event supported by Clarendon Fund Managers provided a fantastic opportunity for the team to showcase ANGICYTE™ technology to a local investor network. VascVersa presented...

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Latest News

Cell therapies such as ANGICYTE™ technology that treat disease by regenerating tissue are at the forefront of medicine and are recognised as one of the world’s leading technologies that drive innovation and promote productivity and economic growth.


We are a Regenerative Medicine Company developing exciting new cell therapies that promote vascular regeneration and repair

Spun out of Queen's University Belfast and built on over 20 years of research.

Our Mission

At VascVersa, we are committed to developing innovative regenerative medicine, to deliver a profound improvement to the lives of many individuals suffering from debilitating ischaemic diseases. In doing so we will address the urgent need for new treatments to repair damaged blood vessels and revitalise tissue.

Research & Drug Discovery

We have developed robust and consistent methodology to generate valuable human vascular reparative cells from a small sample of blood. Our unique method of generation produces highly pure and potent populations of ANGICYTE™ cells.

ANGICYTE™ creates stable blood vessels in vitro and in vivo. It can also provide a vital source of blood vessel cells for researchers studying angiogenesis or can be used to discover new drug therapies for cancer. 

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